Meaghan & Scott

February 26, 2022 • Quintana Roo, Mexico
129 Days To Go!

Meaghan & Scott

February 26, 2022 • Quintana Roo, Mexico
129 Days To Go!

Our Story


Scott and Meaghan, working for the same employer met in the employee gym one day after work. Meaghan was treading lightly on the treadmill, when Scott and his muscle shirt walked by. Meaghan then tried to pick up the pace like she was running in a marathon! Let’s just say, the rest is history.



Meaghan, never traveling beyond the United States, was in store for her first out of country experience. Scott planned their first vacation to Mexico in early 2017. A long weekend getaway on the Mexico beach with margaritas, Dos Equis and tacos was all it took to know this would be their forever vacation spot.


Meaghan came as a package deal, with her bowtie wearing pug-beagle, Lou. Lou quickly loved up on Scott and became an older brother to Tucker, Scott’s pug-chihuahua.


From a one-bedroom apartment, Meaghan and Lou moved in with Scott and Tucker – and the clothes and decorations too! Scott’s manly home quickly had a woman’s touch, including two Christmas tree’s each holiday season that he does not let anyone forget! Another part of Meaghan’s lifestyle that she brought with her was her love for Amazon, so there isn’t a week that goes by without a package delivery on the front porch! Scott has become a pro at burning boxes! 😊


And to think it all started with a package…

Like stated, Meaghan has a lot of packages delivered, so one Thursday afternoon as Scott got the mail, the right opportunity came. Meaghan had two packages in the mail, so when Scott came through the front door, he gave her one. A confused Meaghan questioned if there was another package as she was expecting another one. Going on with her evening, she made dinner and when Scott came in from mowing the lawn, he sat down in the living room and said, “you have a package at the front door.” Under Meaghan’s breath, she thought…can you just grab it!? But that is a different story ha-ha! So, Meaghan walks to the front door and grabs the missing package that she was expecting. As she opens it on the counter, Scott is awkwardly standing a few feet away and it looks like he is taking a selfie, so with a strange look on her face, Meaghan says “What are you doing?” While looking at Scott, she opens the box that was inside the package at the same time – not even realizing what is inside…

When Meaghan looks down, she stops and stares and says, “You did not!” followed by tears, laughter and “You did not just open my package.” Scott’s cleverness took the second package, carefully opened it, slipped the ring inside a box with a Post-It that said, ‘Marry Me?’ and sealed the package back up. Leaving Meaghan to believe that the delivery man just put it on the front porch. In complete shock and surprised to the max, Thursday Taco Night was celebrated extra special that night in their household!